it ain't pretty...

This is my New Year fish. I have no idea what it is called in English. In Chinese, it is called "lang yu" and I only get to have it once a year - at Chinese New Year. I believe it's imported from China, but since I have no idea what it's called, I can't Google anything about it. My grandmother makes it every year on New Year's eve, but we have to wait until the New Year to eat it - old superstition about how abundance (Chinese word sounds like the word for fish) in the old year will lead into abundance in the new year.

It's an extremely boney little sucker. The bones are extremely sharp and are forked, so swallowing one could be really uncomfortable. It takes a lot of patience (and a lot of silence) to eat one of these properly. Pan fried with just a bit of light soy... yum... my fav.


Dave said...

I think it's called "dace".

I only remember because my mom used to buy the canned black bean version, "dow see lang yu".

It came in the oval-ish shaped can with the yellow label, and the English said it was "Fried Dace".

schmassion said...

Omg... I totally remember the "dow see lang yu". It's been over a decade since I had it last!