pearl on the waterfront...

For as long as I can remember, weekends were always about food. Early morning memories are filled with all the women sitting around the kitchen table making rice dumplings for various festivals, while the younger generation squished out pot sticker wrappers with tortilla presses. Giant pots of congee sat on the stove, simmering away while everyone gossipped and chatted away.

What I always loved most, though, was dim sum. Early morning or late afternoon, dim sum was always an occasion where family would get together. People dropped by when they could, have a few nibbles and a cup of tea, and then depart for the next piano lesson or badminton tournament. Inevitably, there was always an extended family member or friend of the family to bump into, and a lot of catching up to be done.

The wonderful thing about living in Toronto is the abundance and variety of dim sum that can be found. Though only a handful of restaurants can lay claim to being truly authentic, it's that neverending search for that perfect quintessential dish that keeps one coming back for more.

where: pearl, queens quay terminal

personal raves: char sui sow, fung jow, eggtarts

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