egad... yet another food blog...

I love food, and I live to eat good food.

I don’t consider myself a foodie or even a chowhound. I don’t eschew fast food, nor do I let the critics tell me where to eat. I might let them guide me once in a while, but often times, they are wrong.

I let my cravings dictate my meals, and my meals dictate my life.

I don’t profess to be a “normal” eater and love that I have a reputation for delighting in the unusual. I’ve been known to eat pork jerky for breakfast, and snack on nori throughout the afternoon. Growing up, my mother used to give us ice-cream for breakfast.

It’s never been a question of what will I eat, more one of what won’t I eat.

I will try everything twice… even if I hated it the first time...

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