this girl loves her street meat... korean styles...

Soondae aka Korean Sausage.

Discovered quite accidentally while looking for pork bone soup in North York, this tasty treat has become one of my craving staples! Made with vermicelli, green onion, garlic, rice, minced pork, and a host of other things you probably don't want to know about, soondae is a Korean street vendor favourite.

The sausage is steamed, sliced and typically comes accompanied by steamed lung and liver slices. No such luck here. The soondae I ordered was served on its own with a nice little dipping side of spice and salt. The crunchy salt grains contrast nicely with the tenderness of the sausage while the chili provides a tiny kick to enhance the subtle flavour of the soondae.

And darned it, if I could remember what hole-in-the-wall restaurant served it in the first place, I wouldn't have had to crave it for the past six months. But thankfully, I found out that Galleria makes it's own... fresh! I bought some this morning (still warm), and piglet that I am, it's already been devoured.

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