I'm a little hard pressed to say which one of this weekend's cupcake experiments turned out better. Cupcake A is a remake of a blueberry lime curd cake (sans blueberry) that I tried a couple weeks ago and bombed. Cupcake B is a decadent chocolate shiraz that I pulled out of a book and altered slightly.

Cupcake A, according to the cousins and the cousins' beaus, is absolutely fabulous and the best cupcake they've ever had. The cake is airy and light, and the tang of the lime curd filling is perfectly complemented by the whip cream frosting.

Cupcake B, (not yet tested by anyone other than myself at the moment) is smooth and chocolately and absolutely decadent, with the fullest hint of the shiraz that was used. Chocolate AND wine... can there be anything better? I think not. Only downer is the super-sweet water icing. I wanted it to look a certain way, but I think I'm going to have to tweak the icing a bit when I do this again. The taste of the shiraz gets a little lost amongst the flavour of pure sweetness. Still, the cake itself is amazing... and, it's pretty.

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