tastes like crap, but comes with a SPORK

Ramen. Gotta love it.

Chef WooTM. Gotta hate it.

Baked, not fried (chant with me, people...ohm...), the baking process seems to have taken out all the taste and comfort of good ol' fashioned ramen noodles. All that's left is the msg "chicken" (aka salt) flavoured broth, a lot of dehydrated/rehydrated carrots that make it look healthier than it really is, and noodles that never get beyond chewy. Two bites of noodle, and a bit of broth was all I could muster.

At 190 calories for half a bowl, it's a waste of calories. Give me half a pack of Nong ShimTM Shinramyun instead and I'm much better off. It's a few more calories and probably a lot more grams of fat, but definitely worth the extra 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Someone warned me once about these. Maybe I should have listened.

Only redeeming factor: comes with a spork... and sporks are cool

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